2010-10-28 10:00Press release

​The official virtual World Expo will open 2011 - Development center established in Stockholm


The virtual World Expo will be a continuing Expo that gives the nations of the world a common Internet-based channel for communicating their visions. It can be visited by anyone, at any time, free of charge. The premiere is set to 2011.

“This is an important but natural step for the World Expo tradition. It will serve as a great complement to the physical Expos. BIE have an ongoing dialogue with the Stockholm-based development team” said Mr Vicente González Loscertales, general secretary of BIE.

The virtual Expo venue is located on the inside of a sphere of 1000 meter in diameter with a surface of 315 hectare. The area offers a unique visiting experience and can contain pavilions from all countries of the world as well as numerous other attractions. 25 nations are estimated to participate from the beginning and all contributors are asked to share their participation under a general theme of Human Balance. A Swedish pilot pavilion is under construction.

“The Swedish pilot pavilion should act as an inspiration and support to other nations’ pavilion projects as well as being a showcase to demonstrate the full potential and benefits of the project” said Mr Staffan Björck, Senior Advisor at Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

The project will be run by Expo Unlimited on commission by BIE. Initial financing amounts to SEK 1 500 000 from BIE and the Swedish government, respectively. A development center has established in Stockholm, Sweden.

 “World Expos are global meeting places and our mission is to make these available for a global audience, in a way which hasn’t been possible before. The virtual Expo will increase interest in, and rejuvenate, the image of the World Exhibition” said Mr Gunnar Lindén, CEO of Expo Unlimited.

For more information: http://expounlimited.se/
For video material, interviews and stock shots in broadcast quality: www.thenewsmarket.com

About BIE, The bureau International des Expositions
International Exhibitions Bureau was established by a diplomatic international Convention, signed in Paris, in 1928. BIE oversees the calendar, the bidding, the selection and the organization of World Expositions; and establishes a regulatory framework under which Expo organizers and participants may work together. Two types of Expositions are  regulated by BIE: Registered Exhibitions (commonly called World Expos) and Recognized Exhibitions (commonly called International or Specialized Expositions). Today BIE has 157 member states.

About The Virtual World Expo
The Virtual World Expo will be a continuing world Expo that can be visited at any time, free of charge. The general theme of The Expo is Human Balance. The Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs cooperates with BIE in establishing the virtual World Expo, and a development centre for managing the project will be set up in Stockholm, Sweden managed by Expo Unlimited Sweden AB.

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Anna Gissler
CEO, Invest Stockholm
Anna Gissler