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The next wave of Stockholm fintechs paves the way for a greener future

The Swedish FinTech Playground where 80% of the FinTech companies in Sweden are incorporated in the Stockholm region. The Swedish FinTech Playground where 80% of the FinTech companies in Sweden are incorporated in the Stockholm region.

Stockholm reinforces its position as Europe’s 3rd biggest fintech hub, with green fintechs as one of the emerging verticals, new report shows. This year’s edition of the Stockholm Fintech Guide delves into the growth categories in the Swedish fintech world and looks at the latest investments, where Stockholm ranks third after London and Berlin in Europe.

Stockholm-based companies account for nearly 90% of all fintech investment deals in Sweden and 85% in the Nordics respectively. The fintech category payment and transfer continues to dominate the Nordic fintech investment scene where Klarna alone raised nearly € 2,2 bn during the past 18 months. Other areas expected to grow in the near future include regtech, insurtech and green finance.

"Stockholm's fintech sector continues to show its strength, creativity, and resilience during an extraordinary period. One of the City's key focus areas is to continue our support of both the local ecosystem and collaboration with key financial players in the Swedish and Nordic markets, in order to reinforce our position as the financial centre not only for financial innovation, but also for green and sustainable finance", says Anna König Jerlmyr, Mayor of Stockholm

"With our well-developed digital banking infrastructure and relentless efforts towards becoming the world's first true cashless society, I firmly believe that Sweden and Stockholm are well-positioned to inspire further innovation within the financial sector, aiming for a more sustainable economy. We'd like to welcome all founders, companies and investors with a similar vision to come along on this journey and innovate with us", says Jenny Berthling, responsible for the report and Head of Fintech at Invest Stockholm.

About the Stockholm Fintech Guide
The report provides an overview of the fast-moving world of Sweden’s financial landscape, focusing particularly on Stockholm and the technological advancements that have fueled the city’s journey towards becoming the world’s most cashless society. It encapsulates the latest investment statistics and delves into some of the potential growth categories in the Swedish fintech world, as well as providing expert insights from key players in the city’s fintech ecosystem.

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For more information, please contact:
Jenny Berthling, Head of Fintech and responsible for Stockholm Fintech Guide, Invest Stockholm, +46 (0)7047 28 008, jenny.berthling@stockholm.se


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