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Stockholm stands ready to create the next generation food system

Photo: Petter Bäcklund, mediabank.visitstockholm.comPhoto: Petter Bäcklund, mediabank.visitstockholm.com

The Stockholm FoodTech Guide is here, portraying a playground for anyone interested in building the next generation food system. Be it investors, entrepreneurs, big corporations or talent, Stockholm offers a future ready platform to co-create the solutions needed to meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Invest Stockholm and Sweden Foodtech have mapped over 130 foodtech startups, analysed the latest investment trends and spoken to the ecosystem players on the Stockholm foodtech scene. The findings point to the presence of a rapidly growing realization of food’s impact and a strong drive to improve both health of people and the planet.

”As a Mayor of Stockholm I put climate, life quality and sustainable food consumption at the heart of the political agenda. In schools, elderly care homes and kindergartens of Stockholm hundreds of thousands of public meals are served every day. It gives the city a great opportunity to influence and develop the entire urban food value chain. Stockholm is taking new strong actions to make the vision of Future Good Food City happen. Our vision is that Stockholm becomes one of the most sustainable, creative and innovation-driven gastronomic capitals of the world as well as the best playground for business and science to explore and co-create the next generation food system,” says Anna König Jerlmyr, Mayor of Stockholm.

In the last year, Stockholm has seen an increased interest in impact driven companies.

“The future of food will happen in places where health and sustainability are core, where tech and data are mature industries, and where conscious consumers and policymakers actively look for new solutions. We are here to introduce you to this playground, whether you’re an investor, a company or someone with a special interest in this sector,” says Anna Gissler, CEO of Invest Stockholm.

Creating the next generation food system is a global concern that requires a unified common interest. Sweden Foodtech, co-producer of the Stockholm FoodTech Guide, is all about raising that awareness.

“The focus of this guide is not only on the investors and entrepreneurs, but also the other ecosystem players contributing with their own cogs in the larger machine that is cranking out the ever better food solutions, be they research or tangible services. All are badly needed in order to meet the UN’s SDGs,” says Johan Jörgensen, Partner at Sweden Foodtech.

About Stockholm FoodTech Guide
Stockholm, defined by its spirit of collaboration, openness and innovation, strives to be the international playground for the next generation food system. This guide begins with a presentation of the Stockholm food scene, from being the gastronomical epicentre of the Nordics to a region famous for its tech innovations and progressive sustainable values. The guide encapsulates the latest investment statistics and trends including a mapping of over 130 startups within the foodtech sector in Stockholm. In addition, the guide features some of the individuals that represent the large group of key contributors to our thriving foodtech scene. The guide is produced by Invest Stockholm in partnership with Sweden Foodtech.

Read the full guide here!

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