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Stockholm Songwriting Camp – A new international music venture


For the first time, Auddly and ABBA The Museum are organizing an international songwriting camp together with SKAP and Stockholm Business Region. Music creators from all over the world are invited to Stockholm Songwriting Camp from January 29 to February 1, 2015.

Stockholm Songwriting Camp offers both up-and-coming songwriters and more established music creators an opportunity to write music together in new groups and an inspiring environment.

Stockholm is a well-established hub for songwriters, as well as one of the world's most suc-cessful cites in global, chart-topping music relative to size, which in large part is thanks to the exceptional songwriters that come from here. In September 2014, Max Martin made history with 18 Billboard-topping hits, when Shake It Off by Taylor Swift went to number one.

“For me it has always been about the match between a good song and a good artist, to already know at the time of writing which artist the material is a good fit for. Then it usually works out well”, says Max Martin, one of the people behind Stockholm Songwriting Camp.

At ABBA The Museum with support from Björn Ulvaeus
ABBA was one of the first big Swedish musical exports, and is still a model for music creators from all over the world. For that reason, Stockholm Songwriting Camp is held at ABBA The Museum in Stockholm. All of the adjacent Melody Hotel is reserved for these days to allow the songwriters to be able to create day and night.

“I know from experience that it can be inspiring for creativity to sometimes break from the usual and go somewhere where you can devote every waking moment to writing, undisturbed", says Björn Ulvaeus, who is one of the initiators of the songwriting effort.

Several interesting musical personalities will be involved with Stockholm Songwriting Camp, and who these are will be announced this fall.

Selection committee seeks participants from all over the world Stockholm Songwriting Camp has roughly 45 spots that will be offered to songwriters and producers from all over the world. A selection committee consisting of representatives from Auddly, SKAP (Swedish Society of Songwriters, Composers and Authors) and the British copyright organization PRS for Music Foundation will select the participants, who together will form interesting groups of creators. An equal number of male and female participants will be considered, with regard to admission.

Thanks to co-organizers SKAP and Stockholm Business Region, Stockholm Songwriting Camp is free for the participants. Everything to allow full focus on songwriting.

“In the music industry, everything always begins and ends with a good song.” - Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson, ABBA




Amanda Elefelt, PR Manager Auddly E: amanda@auddly.com T: +46-733-484700

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ABOUT AUDDLY Auddly was formed to facilitate royalty distribution and copyright management for music creators. The service aims to resolve a big problem in the music industry today, the question of copyrights and other compensation for songs where several parties are involved. Auddly is a web-based community that gathers all information about a musical piece in one place, as an independent bridge between the music industry’s copyright owners and master owners. Songwriters, producers, writing companies, artists and other interested parties can collaborate here on the production of their songs, while at the same time managing the legal aspects involved. Auddly 1.0 will be launched in December 2014.

ABOUT ABBA THE MUSEUM ABBA The Museum opened its gates to the public on May 7, 2013 and is located on Djurgården, right between Liljevalchs and Gröna Lund. ABBA is one of the world’s most successful music groups, with over 380 million records sold worldwide. ABBA The Museum presents a complete image of the band from the time ABBA was formed in the early 70’s to their breakthrough in 1974 with Waterloo, their big world tours, up until their break in 1982. Since opening, the museum has counted over 500,000 visitors. ABBA The Museum is a part of the Swedish Music Hall of Fame. The building also houses a history of Swedish popular music, presenting over 400 Swedish artists from the 1920’s up to the present.

ABOUT SKAP SKAP (Swedish Society of Songwriters, Composers and Authors), is Sweden’s interest organization for professional composers, authors and adaptors. On behalf of its roughly 1,000 members, SKAP conducts lobbying efforts nationally and internationally, advocates for its members and is the organization responsible for STIM (Swedish Performing Rights Society). From 2013-2016, SKAP holds the presidency of ECSA – European Composer & Songwriter Alliance and collaborates via ECSA with MCNA (Music Creators North America). Together ECSA and MCNA represent national music-creator organizations and their members in over 40 countries.

ABOUT STOCKHOLM BUSINESS REGION Stockholm Business Region develops and promote Stockholm as a business and tourist destina-tion. Stockholm has world leading talents within the creative industries of film, music, food, fashion, design and gaming. The aim is to make Stockholm the leading sustainable growth region in Europe.


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