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Stockholm - A Scene for Creativity

“Stockholm’s relatively small size seems to have worked in its favour when it comes to the city’s ambition to be considered one of Europe’s creative hubs. The effect of its creative professionals working in such close proximity has seen the Swedish capital produce an output that is more than the sum of its parts”. (M Kaczmarski, fDi Magazine)

To throw light on this expanding creative industry, Stockholm Business Region is publishing a press kit that is now available.

 “Stockholm’s limited size comes in handy as it helps countries present in the city to reach out to other creative professionals when needed. ‘If you want to work with [the band] The Cardigans, you just call them. And if you do not know them, you know someone who knows them’, says Ingrid Rudefors, the film commissioner of the Stockholm Film Commission”. (M. Kaczmarski)

Stockholm is the innovative and economic motor of Scandinavia. But as opposed to the creator of dynamite Alfred Nobel and the father of the pacemaker Rune Elmqvist, the new, Swedish trailblazers come from completely different sectors – among them Niklas Zennström, the man behind Skype and Daniel Ek who gave us Spotify just to name a few. The creative industry with its music, computer games, film and design has utterly exploded and continues to grow. Seen internationally, Stockholm is behind a disproportionally large portion of global development.


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You find the press kit as attached documents to this release.

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Anna Gissler
CEO, Invest Stockholm
Anna Gissler