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Songwriters from all over the world to Stockholm this weekend

On Thursday 29 January, 45 songwriters and producers are getting together for four days to write songs at the premiere of Stockholm Songwriting Camp. The interest in participating has been great and, in addition to the Swedish lineup, the participants will include music-creators from the US, England, Japan and Germany.

During the past year, Swedes have continued to color the international music industry with loads of top-listings from songwriters, producers and artistes. Stockholm is gaining an increasingly important place as a global music hub and the whole country shows a positive trend with increased revenues of 1.5 billion Swedish kronor in the last four years.

– By bringing together a large group of eminent songwriters in Stockholm, we are marking out our central position as a songwriting nation, so that's why it is extra cool that the interest has also been great internationally. With such a good lineup, we are convinced that several new hits will be created over the week-end, says Niclas Molinder, CEO of Auddly and initiator of Stockholm Songwriting Camp.

A selection committee with representatives from Auddly, SKAP – Sweden’s composers and lyric-writers and PRS for Music Foundation has hand-picked participants with diverse backgrounds and knowledge in order to put together the most innovative of creator configurations. The artiste and songwriter Jacqueline "Mapei" Cummings is one the camp participants, in everyday life active with one foot in Sweden and the other in the US.

– Swedes' love of music is enormous and some of the world's best songwriters come from here. Stockholm Songwriting Camp will be a wicked chance to create music together with stimulating people with varying backgrounds. When so many geniuses get together under the same roof it can't be anything else than a hit, says Jacqueline "Mapei" Cummings.

The list of participants at Stockholm Songwriting Camp 2015 includes: Maria Marcus, Nate Campany, Zoo Brazil, Poupon, Duvchi, Johan Fransson, Kenichi Seki, Joacim Persson, Syron, Niclas Lundin, Farhot, Florian Kiermaier, Bearson, Viktor Rådström, Ronika, Andy Love, Yuna, The Family, Mapei, Wilhelm Tell Me, Marlene, Mads Moller, Ji Nilsson and The Pitchshifters.

About Stockholm Songwriting Camp

Stockholm Songwriting Camp is being arranged for the first time from January 29 to February 1, 2015. The songwriting camp will take place at ABBA The Museum/Swedish Music Hall of Fame in Stockholm to which 45 songwriters with varying experience and backgrounds are being invited to exchange know-how, become inspired and write songs in new creator configurations. The initiative behind Stockholm Songwriting Camp was taken by Auddly and ABBA The Museum, that are now arranging the event together with Stockholm Business Region and SKAP.

Stockholm Songwriting Camp is being sponsored by Swedish Music Hall of Fame, Fender®, Avid and Yamaha.

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For more information or to contact the organizers and songwriters:

Amanda Elefelt, Auddly,  amanda@auddly.com: +46(0)733-484700

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