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Post corona: International businesses show renewed interest in the Stockholm region  

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After a slowdown in March and April, international businesses are now showing renewed interest in relocating to the Stockholm region. To meet the demand and provide international companies with a seamless welcome, Invest Stockholm has updated the Stockholm Establishment Guide 2020.

The guide contains essential information to be considered when entering the Swedish market and the Stockholm region in particular. It gives international companies a good understanding of the conditions and regulations for doing business in the region. The guide serves as a complement to the tailored establishment services that Invest Stockholm provides international companies, free of charge.

“In the last two months we have had requests within datacenter, logistics, hospitality, retail and the automobile industry from global firms interested in land, store premises and production facilities. We look forward to helping these companies settle in the region”, says Erik Krüger, Head of Investments and Establishments at Invest Stockholm.

Through the Stockholm Business Alliance – a partnership of 56 municipalities in and around Stockholm – as well as close collaboration with local service providers, Invest Stockholm helps companies, free of charge, establish and expand in the greater Stockholm region.

“Since the outbreak of Covid-19, our main focus has been to work with retention and helping international companies with their pandemic-related challenges. It’s reassuring to now see that the interest from new investors and companies is beginning to pick up again”, says Erik Krüger.

About Stockholm Establishment Guide 2020
The Establishment Guide 2020 provides international companies with essential information on how to start, operate and grow a business in the Stockholm region. It covers areas such as commercial leases and rents, corporate taxes and tax relief for foreign experts, work and residence permits, mergers and acquisitions, and business costs amongst other useful information.

To get a free copy of the guide, please contact us!
Negar Sabaghzadeh, Business Development Manager, External affairs and Establishments, Invest Stockholm, +46 (0) 76 122 80 60, negar.sabaghzadeh@stockholm.se

Erik Krüger, Head of Investments and Establishments, Invest Stockholm, +46 (0)70-472 80 87, erik.kruger@stockholm.se 



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