2014-10-07 08:24Press release

New Hotlist will attract Cleantech investments to Stockholm


Stockholm is a world leader in environmental technology, and now it will be easier for foreign investors to find partners in Stockholm. The Stockholm Cleantech Hotlist is a list that presents the region’s hottest investment opportunities to investors.  As of its launch date, there are 25 companies on the list.

“With the Stockholm Cleantech Hotlist we are offering a stamp of approval.  The region is of great interest to foreign investors, and we have an excellent reputation in the world of research with lots of exciting companies.  This list does the legwork for those seeking investment opportunities", says Janey Mehks, Cleantech Project Manager at Stockholm Business Region Development.

The list was compiled in collaboration with the consulting firm Cleantech Scandinavia, and includes 25 companies at the time of its inception, clearly defined with their positions, future outlooks, needs and contact information.  The list will be revised on a continual basis and companies will both appear and disappear.   

In order to qualify for the list, companies must offer a product or service based on unique research that will lead to a commercial solution with global potential.  They must also have either established themselves on the market with a finished product or service, or be close to the commercialization phase.

“The overall goal is to create visibility for companies among investors and bring them together for meetings and presentation opportunities”, says Mehks.

Stockholm Cleantech Hotlist

The selected companies are:

Aerogel, Applied Nano Surface, ATC Industrial Group, Bestwood, Chromafora, Chromogenics, Climacheck, Climatewell, Corpower Ocean, Cortus, Diamorph, Disruptive Materials, Exeger, eZe Systems AB, Ferroamp, Flexenclosure, Midsummer, NeoZeo, Optistring,  Orexplore, Organoclick, Reformtech, Rehact, Scypho/ATC, Solelia Greentech, Watty

For additional information contact:

Ann-Charlotte Jönsson, PR Manager, Stockholm Business Region, telephone: 08-508 28 507, ann-charlotte.jonsson@stockholm.se

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Anna Gissler
CEO, Invest Stockholm
Anna Gissler