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Meet Stockholm’s most innovative life science companies on February 12 in Zürich


On February 12th 2013, the 7thannual Swiss-Scandinavian Bio-Business Seminar is being held in Zürich, Switzerland. The conference offers a unique possibility to meet Stockholm-based life sciences companies on the cutting edge. Participants include: Aberabio, Binarybio, Biolamia, Biovica, Irras, Oss-Q and Xbrane.

Date: Tuesday, February 12th, 8:00 – 14:30.
Venue: SIX Swiss Exchange, ConventionPoint, Selnaustrasse 30, Zurich, Switzerland.
Media inquiries and registration: Per Holmlund, Stockholm Business Region, +46 70 472 80 69, per.holmlund@stockholm.se
Full programme:

The 7th Swiss-Scandinavian Bio-Business Seminar is a high-level partnering and investor conference for Swiss and Nordic life science companies, organized by Business Sweden and the Nordic countries, in cooperation with Swiss partners. The focus is to establish new Swiss-Nordic contacts and networks.

Stockholm-Uppsala Life Science Investment Hotlist is a project focusing on defining investment opportunities for foreign investors in the Stockholm region. In addition to the seminar, seven innovative Stockholm companies included in the hotlist are available during the day for information and interviews:

Aberabio, CEO Amin Omrani
Abera has developed a platform for secretion and display of multiple antigens/proteins on the surface of Salmonella and other Gram-negative bacteria. Vaccine development is one of the promising application areas for this platform

Binarybio, CEO Nils Dinell Sederowsky
BinaryBio offers Cores, a platform that connects all existing computing resources available with the possibility to burst calculations to the cloud. This can mean vast opportunities of scalability, which minimize simulation time and cost dramatically.

Biolamina, CEO Kristian Tryggvason
BioLamina's laminins are the key for future stem cell therapy. The products have shown unique properties in primary cell culture, including stem cell culture. They are proven cost efficient and functionally superior to competing products.

Biovica, CEO Anders Rylander
Biovica is focused on improving diagnosis and monitoring of patients with cancer. Biovica has developed DiviTum, a unique and simple, highly sensitive, non-radioactive assay blood test for measuring cell proliferation. Since one of the most fundamental characteristics of cancer is uncontrolled cell division, DiviTum™ enables reliable detection, prognosis and therapy monitoring of cancer with an unprecedented sensitivity and simplicity. DiviTum™ is the result of more than 30 years of research and can revolutionize the way we diagnose, predict and monitor cancer.

Irras, CEO Erik Björkegren
Irras system is the sole local drug delivery system able to infuse and aspirate literally liters of solutions daily, ensuring maximum exposure of pathology to high concentrations of active drug compounds over several days, with no compromise regarding patient’s safety and comfort. This has been proven by successful treatment of brain malignant tumours and central nervous system infections, infused with literally litres of drug per day.

Oss-Q, CEO Bo Qwarnström
Oss-Q has developed a highly unique bioceramic implant technology for the treatment of complex bone defects. During 2013, the company will carry out the launch of its lead implant product in Scandinavia and Germany, and start the process to secure US regulatory clearance.

Xbrane Bioscience, Siavash Bashiri
Xbrane has developed the proprietary unique tunable protein expression platforms Lemo and Rhamex. With its tunable properties, the platforms are capable of identifying the optimal expression condition for each specific protein. Xbrane Bioscience has a modular services approach to identifying the most optimal protein expression system resulting in the highest yields with great quality in a cost effective manner in E. coli.

About SSBBS 2013
SSBBS, Swiss-Scandinavian Bio-Business Seminar, has a broad focus within biotech and pharma, for example drug development, drug delivery, bio materials, medical device, diagnostics, contract manufacturing and CRO. Participants include small, early stage companies as well as global, commercial corporations. The conference is open for biotech and pharma companies as well as investors within the life science industry.

The previous SSBBS 2012 gathered 120 participants, including 170 one-to-one meetings. 60 percent of the matchmaking meetings resulted in further contact or cooperation. 

Per Holmlund, PR Manager, Stockholm Business Region
+46 (0)70 472 80 69, per.holmlund@stockholm.se

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+43 664 235 15 21, hampus.nilzen@swedishtrade.se

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