2020-08-24 06:41Press release

Invest Stockholm receives financing for new life science investment projects

Photo: Karolinska Institutet by Henrik Trygg, mediabank.visitstockholm.comPhoto: Karolinska Institutet by Henrik Trygg, mediabank.visitstockholm.com

Invest Stockholm and Region Stockholm have joined forces for a new project aimed at boosting international awareness about the high-performing Stockholm-Uppsala life science cluster in 2020/2021. 

Half of the financing for the 900,000 SEK project comes from Region Stockholm, which are committed to raising the international profile of an innovative sector that generates significant tax revenue and contributes to major healthcare advances, both in academia and industry.

“Stockholm is one of the world’s leading regions in life science, and it is important that we keep up the good work. To reach our goal of becoming the world’s most innovative region in 2025, we have to be able to attract the best scientists and international investors. I am happy that we can contribute in these efforts, and hopefully this will create more growth and prosperity for our region in the end,” says Gustav Hemming, Vice President of the Regional Executive Board in Stockholm.

The project will highlight the many investment opportunities that exist within the Stockholm region by means of in-person meetings with potential investors and global pharma, biotech and medtech companies.

“I’m pleased about the funding award because we can see how working together to communicate Stockholm’s strengths bolsters our standing internationally when seeking to attract foreign investment,” says Ylva Hultman, Head of Life Science Investment Promotion at Invest Stockholm.

Invest Stockholm will show potential investors the spectrum of opportunities available within research and innovation infrastructure, pharma, biotech, medtech as well as start-up companies in fields such as AI, personalized medicine, cell therapy, infectious disease control, neuroscience, and health tech. 

In figures: 

  • The Stockholm region cluster makes up 50% of Sweden’s life science market.
  • The Stockholm region is one of Europe’s fastest-growing capital city regions with 3 international airports, more than 30 universities, and 3.8 million inhabitants.
  • Some 270,000 people are employed in the Stockholm-Uppsala life science cluster, 200 000 in the care sector, and 20 000 in the industry, which consists of around 1,200 companies
  • The region has 21 hospitals, 3 of which are university hospitals.
  • Karolinska Institutet, one of the world’s foremost medical research institutes, employs 50,000 people and generates approximately 50 publications per day. 

For updated investment cases and more information about world-leading research and business opportunities in the Stockholm region, please contact:

Ylva Hultman, Head of Life Science Investment Promotion, Invest Stockholm
+46 (0)70-472 80 65, ylva.hultman@stockholm.se

About Invest Stockholm

Invest Stockholm is the official investment promotion agency of Stockholm. We work with the marketing and development of the Stockholm region as a business destination under the brand Stockholm – The Capital of Scandinavia. Invest Stockholm is a subsidiary of Stockholm Business Region, owned by the city of Stockholm.