2018-06-29 10:39Press release

Anna Gissler to head Stockholm Business Region as acting CEO taking over after Olle Zetterberg


On July 1st, Olle Zetterberg, current CEO of Stockholm Business Region will retire after 30 years in different executive positions within the city of Stockholm.

Anna Gissler has been CEO of Invest Stockholm since 2008, but she will from July 1st and onward be appointed as acting CEO of Stockholm Business Region. Within the corporate group of Stockholm Business Region, there are two subsidiary companies by the names of Visit Stockholm and Invest Stockholm. 

The companies are responsible for promoting and developing the city of Stockholm as a business and tourist destination under the brand, Stockholm- The Capital of Scandinavia. Tasks include attracting international talent, intercontinental flights and more.

Stockholm Business Region works closely with the business sector, academia, and other institutions, as well as organizations, municipalities, and governments.




About Stockholm Business Region

Stockholm Business Region is a company, wholly owned by the city of Stockholm and a part of the corporation Stockholms Stadshus AB. 


About Invest Stockholm

Invest Stockholm is the official investment promotion agency of Stockholm. We work with the marketing and development of the Stockholm region as a business destination under the brand Stockholm – The Capital of Scandinavia. Invest Stockholm is a subsidiary of Stockholm Business Region, owned by the city of Stockholm. www.investstockholm.com www.visitstockholm.com www.stockholmbusinessregion.com


Anna Gissler
CEO, Invest Stockholm
Anna Gissler