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21 innovations nominated for the Stockholm Innovation Scholarship

Stockholm is one of the world's most innovative regions. Today,  the 21 nominees for this year's seven Stockholm Innovation Scholarship was announced. It is the 30th time that Stockholm's Innovation Scholarship is awarded. The aim of the  Scholarship is to reward and encourage people with bright ideas to take the next step towards developing these ideas. 321 people applied for the scholarship this year, which is more than in previous years.

- We want to promote the power of innovation in the city because it creates more jobs in the long term. The scholarship gives innovators a quality sign and contributes to the region's future growth, says Olle Zetterberg, CEO of Stockholm Business Region.

According to the jury, the level of candidates is very high this year. 

- We have just had the final deliberations of the jury. It has been very difficult to select the nominations, because of the high quality of innovations - the best selection so far, says Niklas Rudemo chairman in the jury for IT and Telecom and Business Development Manager at the Swedish Institute of Computer Science.

This year's nominees are:

1. Hospitality

Gear Mondo: A modern marketplace for rental of sports equipment, out of home. Nominated: Gustav Brandt, www.gearmondo.com

Singing Tunnels: An interactive music experience for public environments. Nominated: Håkan Lidbo

Twingo Stockholm: An app for kids to discover Stockholm in their own way. Nominated: Cecilia Gruvberger, www.gobrilla.com

2. Cultural & Creative Industries

Funneltunnel: A compact music product to eliminate "bleed" and acustic feedback in studios as well as live. Nominated John-Michael Haugdahl

Writelin: A digital platform that offers writing help for people who want to write their memoirs. Nominated: Josefin Grane. www.writelin.com

Tactsense: Creates a tactile communication between the conductor and the visually impaired musicians. Nominated: Ellen Sundh, www.achairforwujing.com

3. Cleantech

Mycopack: An innovative packaging material based on waste material and fungal mycelium. Nominated: Shoulder Zedell

Nextseal: Innovative Technology to seal compressors to prevent the emission of methane gas. Nominated: Andreas Söderberg

Nyhem Building Systems: Innovative method to build climate-smart and affordable housing. Nominated: Robert Vangstad, nyhembostad.se

4. Life Sciences

Aifloo Smart Care: A clever mobile app for the elderly and people with chronic diseases. Nominated: Felix Etzler, www.aifloo.com

Asthma Tuner. A digital self-care concept for asthmatics. Nominated: Henrik Ljungberg. www.medituner.se

Timesulin: helps people with diabetes to avoid double dosage of insuline. Nominated: John Sjölund, timesulin.com

5. Everyday Products

Flex Technology: Active light instead of reflectors can be integrated into clothing and products. Nominated: Robert Hill. www.lightflextechnology.com.

Pilloxa: A smart medical dosage linked to an app. Nominees: Per Nilsson. www.pilloxa.com

Stormie Poodle: Childrens clothes of discarded hotel textiles. Nominated: Caroline von Post


6. IT & Telecom

Build Safe: A digital solution to increase the safety of construction projects. Nominees: Leo Sydow. www.buildsafe.se

Teller: Email that works better when you check it less often. Nominated: Joel Marsh www.tellerapp.com

VirtualGrasp: An artificial hand for games, animation and virtual reality. Nominees: Jakob Johansson. www.gleechi.com.

7. Services

Corso: A digital service which makes it cheaper and more fun to get a drivers license. Nominated: Meyser Abdul Jabbar

DayCape: An app that helps children with autism to cope with their day. Nominated: Anton Håkanson www.daycape.com

Homii: Safer sub-lease through your friends. Nominated: Mohamed Hamid www.homii.se

The Stockholm Innovation Scholarship is a prize for Stockholmers and is awarded in seven categories: IT & Telecom, Cleantech, Cultural & Creative Industries, Everyday Products, Services, Tourism and Life Sciences. In order to be nominated, the competitors must live or work/study in the Stockholm County. The scholars will share SEK 600 000. The scholarships are made public during a ceremony at Stockholm City Hall on December 7. The scholarships are awarded by Karin Wanngård, Mayor of Stockholm. www.innovationsstipendiet.se

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Anna Gissler
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