2015-03-06 08:43Press release

100 billion Euro investment potential in the Stockholm region

The investment potential for the Stockholm region has increased by 16 billion Euro in the year that has passed and now amounts to more than 100 billion Euro until 2021. Two major drivers are 180,000 new housing units until 2030 and extension of the subway. That’s our headline offering at the MIPIM Expo in Cannes this year. Together with local business representatives the Stockholm region are attending the world’s largest real estate exhibition and conference to showcase the region’s investment potential.

Construction projects in the Stockholm region have nearly doubled this year alone. Most of these involve building multi-family housing, but also include harbor facilities, energy plants and restaurants.

Of the EUR 16 billion in investment growth since February 2014, almost 10 billion amounts for projects outside the city center.

“I’m naturally very positive to the rising investment interest in our region. Stockholm is doing well right now, as we can show in hard facts and figures. But if the Stockholm region is to continue growing at its potential, we’ll need to attract investment from around the world,” says Olle Zetterberg, CEO at Stockholm Business Region. We feel it’s vital for us to show our competitive advantages at MIPIM to attract international investors.

The activities in Cannes include several seminars and a joint marketing effort for the entire Stockholm region.

Stockholm Business Region, with its subsidiaries Stockholm Business Region Development and Stockholm Visitors Board,  is the official investment and tourism promotion agency for the Stockholm region.  Stockholm is one of Europe’s most dynamic sustainable regions. Stockholm Business Region is fully owned by the City of Stockholm. Our common brand is Stockholm – The Capital of Scandinavia.


About Invest Stockholm

Invest Stockholm is the official investment promotion agency of Stockholm. We work with the marketing and development of the Stockholm region as a business destination under the brand Stockholm – The Capital of Scandinavia. Invest Stockholm is a subsidiary of Stockholm Business Region, owned by the city of Stockholm. www.investstockholm.com www.visitstockholm.com www.stockholmbusinessregion.com


Anna Gissler
CEO, Invest Stockholm
Anna Gissler