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Strengthened connectivity with new direct routes to Stockholm


Both Emirates and Norwegian airlines recently announced new flight routes to and from Stockholm, which are expected to boost traffic from international destinations such as the US, Middle East and Africa.

Emirates Airlines said it had expanded its European reach with the start of a daily service between Nairobi and Stockholm through its Dubai hub.

Hubert Frach, Emirates' divisional senior vice president of commercial operations, said in a statement that Stockholm is an important centre for business, industry and services to Kenya.

“The new route will play a significant role in supporting this growth by connecting Nairobi and Stockholm and help improve bilateral relations and cultural exchange between Kenya and Sweden,” he said.

The new daily flight will allow easier access to other popular destinations in Asia, India and Africa with just one stopover due to Emirates' extensive network, said Torborg Chetkovich, CEO of airport operator Swedavia. He added that trips between Stockholm and Dubai have increased by around 600 percent over the past ten years.

Intercontinental routes from Stockholm are also set to get a boost following the announcement by Norwegian that it plans to open new routes to Los Angeles, San Francisco and Orlando in the spring 2014.

“Most of our flights have been fully booked over the summer," said Norwegian’s CEO Bjørn Kjos. "Our offer has not only been well received by Scandinavian passengers traveling to the U.S. or Asia, but also Asians and Americans going to Scandinavia and beyond.”

This article was published in collaboration between Stockholm Business Region and The Swedish Wire.

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