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Stockholm launch pad for US life science firm expansion

American molecular diagnostics company, Cepheid, has set up a new facility in the Stockholm municipality of Solna. The opening of the new centre, named Big Blue, is intended to be a launch pad for further expansion in Sweden and across Europe. It will also be the primary manufacturing location for the company's Chinese, Japanese and Brazilian exports.

From Stockholm, Cepheid will manufacture key products for C-difficile and tuberculosis as well as virology products for the treatment of hepatitis B and C, HIV and AIDS.

Why did you choose Stockholm as location for the facility?

“We have found the technical capability of the personnel to be outstanding and at a cost which is less than in the US,” Cepheid managing director, Anita Herrström-Sjöberg, told the Swedish Wire.

“In addition, the close proximity of institutions such as Uppsala University and the Karolinska Institute will provide an excellent personnel resource for our projected future growth.”
She added that the facility at Solna offers unique possibilities for expansion.

You are preparing a major expansion; what is behind the decision?

“Cepheid is currently the number one growing company in the field of molecular diagnostics. This growth is powered by the continued expansion of our installed base of GeneXpert  Systems and expanding adoption of our growing test menu,” she said. “The company also expects to substantially increase the menu of available tests over the next several years.”

Which trends support your expansion plans?

“There is an increasing need to get test results into the hands of the clinicians in a shorter period of time," Herrström-Sjöberg explained. "In addition to being the easiest to use, the GeneXpert Systems also provide test results in less time than other major systems currently on the market.”

The grand opening of the 8.700 square metre facility took place in September, with top executives from Cepheid and representatives from Swedish commerce in attendance.

This article was published in collaboration between Stockholm Business Region and The Swedish Wire.

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