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Life science hotlist: BinaryBio – for simple distributed computing


BinaryBio’s platform for performing complex sampling algorithms for pharmaceutical companies was born to ease and speed up the research carried out by the company’s founders.

”Our founders, Erik Lindahl and Arne Elofsson, professors in the fields of computational structural biology and bioinformatics, were looking for a way to speed up the sampling algorithms they needed to perform to carry out their research. Their idea was to use modern, virtualised computing infrastructure to speed up and improve life science simulations,” explains Nils Dinell Sederowsky, CEO at BinaryBio.

The result is Cores, a web-based platform aimed to make distributed computing more efficient on any computer resource you use it on. By automating the computing and simulation process, Cores lets the user focus on obtaining end results. The platform is mostly used in the early stages of the development of new pharmaceuticals.

The platform is also designed for use on cloud instances, which means that BinaryBio’s customers (i.e. pharmaceutical companies) only pay for the computing power that they need at any specific part of the development process.

”It’s like having a supercomputer inside your own laptop. By using the web-based Cores platform, you can see everything that is going on in your dataflow on your own screen. Today, submitting tasks to internal or external computer clusters is done manually but our platform speeds up the process by making it automatic. You get an overview of your in-house computers as well as the cloud solutions that you use. The result is a more accurate and speedier development process,” says Nils.

The need for flexible solutions in the field of sampling algorithms is clear. We are already used to pay-as-you-go services in areas such as telecoms and IT, and the pharmaceutical industry is next, predicts Nils.

”We’re already seeing an interest in more flexible solutions. No one wants to invest in very expensive infrastructure that is not used all the time. We adapt our solution to the client’s needs, you can scale the number of computers up or down as and when you need to, and combine it with your own infrastructure. We are working hard to show the pharmaceutical industry what a flexible, secure and cost-effective solution this is,” Nils says.

BinaryBio is currently looking for companies who are interested in testing the new platform.

He adds: ”We’re now looking for customers and partners that can help test and evaluate Cores, as it is still quite a new solution. We’re welcoming anyone that is interested in looking at a more flexible algorithm solutions to contact us!”

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