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Investment hotlist: Five green-tech investment opportunities

Demand for green technology is booming across the world as companies and nations aim to cut their carbon footprint. Stockholm is the birthplace of many cutting-edge innovations and offers plenty of clean-tech investment openings.

Östen Ekengren, head of the Swedish Environmental Research Institute, IVL, said that renewable energy is high on the agenda.

“The most noticeable trend is the growing demand for resource-efficient solutions, resulting in cost savings and lower environmental impact”, he told The Swedish Wire, adding that water solutions is coming increasingly into focus as climate change is causing both water shortages and floods.

The increase of green investments in China and India is also a favourable trend for Swedish companies, he said. 

Here Östen Ekengren lists five investment opportunities:

ECOMB The company has developed a technique for reducing NOx emissions from combustion processes. Looks promising for the international market. 
Pilum Its main business is in treatment and management of water, other liquids and gases. Strategically, it has started buying complementary businesses to grow the corporation.

ClimateWell The company installs energy efficient solar energy solutions that provide both cooling and heating in buildings. Harnessing energy of wastewater is interesting.

Plagazi - The company is in possession of a new technology for transforming unsorted MSW (Municipal solid Waste) to hydrogen gas.

Mercatus It is building facilities and systems for recycling and purification of process fluid for small and large manufacturing companies. It has good expansion potential in emerging markets where interest in resource efficiency is increasing.  

This article was published in collaboration between Stockholm Business Region and The Swedish Wire.

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