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China seeks Swedish cleantech expertise

The interest in Stockholm’s environmental expertise is increasing in China as its government and companies struggle to reduce their carbon footprint and cut energy costs.

In October, six Stockholm-based companies were selected to take part in an event in Hong Kong where Chinese investors, industry players and reporters met with Swedish cleantech entrepreneurs. 

The companies came from a diverse range of industries including clean technology solutions in renewable energy, waste management and construction, as well as computer engineering.

The seminar, called the Stockholm Innovation Showcase, was organised in collaboration with Stockholm Business Region Development, Stockholm Innovation & Growth (STING) and Hong Kong Science Park.

Pär Hedberg, CEO of STING, said the event was a success and that talks with potential investors and partners are ongoing.

"Once again we saw evidence that the interest in Swedish environmental expertise is very high," he told The Swedish Wire. "Several individual meetings took place between representatives of our companies and potential partners. Some of the companies currently have continuing discussions with Chinese contacts that they made in Hong Kong."

One of the companies was Zebor Technology, which has developed the fastest, most cost-effective and scaleable platform for embedded systems based on the products ZDOS and ZBIOS.

"This is a fantastic opportunity to make contacts with industrial and financial partners in China, especially since our primary market focus is Hong Kong and Taiwan," said the CEO of Zebor, Lars Österberg.

The delegation represent some of the Swedish capital's most promising innovators, said the CEO of Stockholm Business Region Development, Anna Gissler.

"Through the coordinated efforts of the public sector and private enterprise, Stockholm has created a unique environment for innovative companies to flourish," she said in a statement.

Companies who made the journey included:

Cortus - process WoodRoll, which produces gas with high calorific value (clean syngas) from biomass. www.cortus.se

Midsummer - new method of producing solar cells with dramatically lower costs. www.midsummer.se

Predect – Predect’s online water protection system uses a sophisticated laser sensor which is beamed through water passing by in the system. www.predect.se

Rehact - climate system for low-temperature heating, cooling, ventilation and hot water developed around Rehacts ventilation unit, RVU. www.rehact.se

Solarus - solar energy technology which combines thermal, photovoltaic and hybrid panels that provide both electricity and heat from the same panel. www.solarus.se

Zebor Technologies - the fastest, most cost-effective and most scaleable platform for embedded systems. www.zebor.com

This article was published in collaboration between Stockholm Business Region and The Swedish Wire

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