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BioEquity premiered Scandinavia with Stockholm event

Stockholm sought to take advantage of the growing global demand for pharmaceutical products and services by hosting the annual BioEquity Europe Conference in May. The event was an opportunity for Stockholm to highlight its status as a global life-science hub.

The two-day event brought together 96 innovative biopharma companies, more than 500 life-science investment professionals, and pharmaceutical business development and licensing executives, according to organiser BioCentury.

"It was our first time hosting the event in Stockholm, and the first time even in Scandinavia," said BioCentury publisher Eric Pierce. "The organisers were very pleased with this year's turnout, which was up more than 20 percent over last year's, which was held in Frankfurt." 

During a special showcase, Stockholm Business Region and the County Administrative Board of Stockholm highlighted some of the region's most promising life-science companies, including: Abera Bioscience, BinaryBio, BioLamina, Biovica International, Corline Systems AB, Diamyd, Inerventions, IRRAS, Key To Lead, ModPro, Premune, Senzime, XBrane Bioscience, XSpray and Swetox.
Pierce was impressed with the final outcome.

"The full slate of presenting companies, distinguished faculty and strong pre-registration numbers show a renewed interest in European biotechs by the investment community," he said.

This article was published in collaboration between Stockholm Business Region and The Swedish Wire. 

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